Take me out to the Marlins' ball game!

Chris Volstad talks with Fox 29 about spring training.
Chris Volstad talks with Fox 29 about spring training.

The Marlins spring training is in full swing, and a local graduate is taking his baseball career to the next level while working out alongside some major leaguers.

Chris Volstad: "Me, my dad and I have a younger brother, we used to come watch the Hammerhead's games two or three times a week when I was in middle school. We've just been a baseball family our whole lives, so when they built this (Roger Dean Stadium), it was like heaven for us."

Rachel: "Now, did you sit in the stands and think that one day you're going to be out there playing?"

Chris: "I mean, I hoped for it, but I never really thought I'd actually be at this particular stadium. But, I always dreamed of wanting to play pro ball ever since I was growing up."

Chris Volstad graduated from Palm Beach Gardens High School in 2003. Now, instead of watching the Marlins play at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, he's right there on the field with them!

Rachel: "What's the hardest thing about spring training?"

Chris: "For me, it's getting up early. I like to stay up late."

Rachel: "And what's the best thing?"

Chris: "Getting back on the field, being around the clubhouse, seeing all the guys on the team, all the friends. In off season, they are all at difference parts of the country."

Just like many baseball players, Chris has some interesting superstitions.

Chris: "I like to hop over the line. I don't like touching the dirt at all going from the dugout to the mound. People think it's kind of funny. It's kind of like a little hop, dance kind of thing. But, I just don't like touching the dirt."

Once he does his hop onto the field, a feeling of pure joy comes over him.

Chris: "I feel like this is what I live for really is playing baseball. Just being out on the field, you can't really ask for anything better than this. There's no way you can be anything other than happy and enjoy what you're doing."

You can catch Chris and the Florida Marlins out at Roger Dean Stadium until March 27.