Homeless shelter runs out of funds, time

UPDATED 3/5/08

After financial trouble forced the homeless shelter to turn many of it's long time residents away Monday, a wellspring of support from the public has allowed them to reopen.

The shelter reported yesterday that they have secured enough funds through donations to remain open for the month of March.


The pastor of the financially troubled Westgate Tabernacle Church says it is planning to turn away most of its homeless residents Monday.

Bishop Avis Hill says the Palm Beach County homeless shelter can't afford to continue expenses for the about 75 to 100 people who live in the church west of West Palm Beach.

Hill says that after serving breakfast, church leaders are expecting to force as many as 75 people to find shelter elsewhere.

Hill says families, the elderly and the severely mentally ill will be allowed to stay.

Church leaders say the decision to require most of the homeless to leave comes as the church is reeling from a recent controversy over a former minister who took money to pay for his personal living expenses, as well as for baby formula, gas and medicine for the homeless.