Woman abducted at Boca mall speaks out

A terrified mother who along with her toddler survived an abduction outside the Town Center Mall is now talking about that heart stopping experience.

Police believe the same man who kidnapped the woman, who we are only identifying as "Jane Doe", is the same man who killed Nancy and Joey Bochicco.

The victim asked us not to reveal her identity.  She says her kidnapper somehow managed to get into her suv as she was leaving the Town Center Mall.

"I just stood there and looked at him and he said get in the car." She told us. "I was still in shock... i was just frozen."

Jane says the kidnapper sat in the back seat pointing a gun at her little boy, he then forced her to drive to an ATM and withdraw about $600.  They drove around for an hour and 15 minutes.  Jane says she was pleading with her kidnapper the entire time.

"[I told him] please don't hurt us, please don't kill my son and I. He had the gun out the whole time."

The man eventually forced Jane to drive back to the mall parking lot, where he tied her up and took off.  She says he threatened to come after her if she didn't lie about his appearance.

"I'm scared that he's gonna break into my house and kill me or my son," she told Fox29.  "I don't know what he's gonna do, he killed a little girl so..."

Despite her fears, Jane gave investigators a full description.  She says she just wants this guy caught.  "I want to get it out there as much as possible so they can find him."

Jane Doe says the memory of the horrifying experience is fresh on the mind of her now 2 and a half-year-old son. She says every time he sees the sketch of the kidnapper, he points to it and says "bad man."

"Jane Doe" is now suing Simon Properties, the company that owns the Town Center Mall, because she feels there wasn't enough security to protect shoppers.  Simon Properties will not comment on the case.