Police looking for carwash abusers caught on tape

A brutal case of child abuse has been caught on tape.

Two women turned a powerful high-pressure hose on a 3-year-old.  This happened at a car wash in Orlando.  On the tape, the women get out of their car and pump the water pressure machine full.  Then instead of washing the car, they lead the little girl to the hose, and spray her.

The child tries to run and then struggles.  The women hold her against the wall.  The manager of the car wash says she heard the girl's screams.

"But it wasn t a regular cry, it was more bloody murder cries where you're just in pain," she said. "The whole intent, they put 2 dollars in, and went straight for the baby."

By the time the manager realized what was happening the women and the child were gone.  She checked the surveillance tape, then called police.  Detectives are still trying to identify the women, and take the child away from them.