Thunder storm causes damage to Stuart airfield

Lots of clean up and damage assessment this morning following yesterday's severe weather around Stuart's Witham Field airport.

Winds estimated at 80 to 90 miles per hour hit Witham Field hard.  The storm ripped apart sixteen planes and flipped five completely over. The others were towed away with broken wings and cracked glass.

Crews worked fast to move the planes and begin repairs on a hanger torn apart by the weather.

Other damage includes the roofs of two nearby buildings and major water damage.  Nobody was hurt at the airpot.

Witham Field wasn't the only part of Stuart hit hard.  A trailer flipped by fierce wind landed on top of a pick-up truck, crushing part of the cab.  There were also a few uprooted trees as well as damaged signs.

An awning fell on boats at a local storage yard, and another ontop of cars at a dealership.  More than 8,400 customers lost power in Eastern Martin County.

At one point winds clocked in at up to 97 miles perhour.