Skateboarder killed by passing car

Reporter: Jana Eschbach

It appears to be a tragic accident: A girl on a skateboard loses control in her driveway and is killed by a passing car.

Fox 29 talks with a mother trying to come to terms with the loss of her only child.

On Gardenia Avenue, the orange paint is a reminder of the terrible pain. "I feel terrible for the family of the little girl, the 18 year-old girl driving. I feel bad for everybody in this whole neighborhood for this."

Michelle Kirby was inside watching her daughter play on her skateboard in their Fort Pierce driveway when Morgan lost control and rolled into the street. Next, she heard the screams. "I saw a child laying under the back of it. And I jumped and ran, and it was, it was my Morgan."

Nine-year-old Morgan was pinned under the car, dragged 31 feet, and later pronounced dead at the hospital. "She's my everything."

Police say the 18-year-old driver, a neighbor, was going 15 miles per hour - 10 under the speed limit.

Now, Morgan's mother is doing the unthinkable trying to come to terms with losing her only child. "Just having her wrap her arms around me, smelling her sweet skin, and say, 'I love you mommy.'"

Grief counselors are on hand at Morgan's school, Fairlawn Elementary.