Controversial comments: Sharpton defends teens in Dunbar case

Reporter: Stephanie Dukes

Controversial comments from Reverend Al Sharpton: He's coming to the defense of the teens accused in the notorious Dunbar Village rape case.

Sharpton joined one suspect's family, members of the NAACP and local representatives of his National Action Network to speak out against what they call racially biased treatment of Nathan Walker, Jakaris Taylor and Avion Lawson.

"While we admonish young men in every community to not to engage in crime and to respect women, we also admonish this system that you can't have one level of justice for whites and those with money and another level for blacks that live in Dunbar Village," he says.

Sharpton points out the six Boca Raton teens accused of raping two girls were allowed to bond out after being charged with sexual battery while the teens accused in the Dunbar case are also charged with sexual battery but are held without bond.

"In this situation, it is the imbalance that we are protesting. We are not condoning the acts on either side."

Nathan Walker's parents say the legal system is stacked against their son. "I don't want to talk about the case. I just want them to go through a fair trial and be treated fairly."

We should point out there are key differences between the Dunbar case and the Boca case. In addition to sexual battery, the suspects in the Dunbar case were charged with promoting the sexual performance of a child, possession of a firearm, wearing a mask will committing a felony and kidnapping. The Boca rape suspects were charged sexual battery of a helpless person and lewd and lascivious behavior.

A spokesperson with the state attorney's office says the judge factors flight risk, the seriousness of the charges and the risk to public safety into whether the suspects get bond.