Democratic party trying to get FL's votes back

Florida gets one step closer to holding another Democratic primary. The State's Democratic Party chair just released a $12 million plan to put the re-vote into motion.

Florida lost all of its delegates when the state moved up its primary to January 29. Right now, both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton remain very close increasing the need for our delegates.

So, Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman sent out a memo to Obama, Clinton and others detailing how we can hold a re-vote.

Here's how it works: Every registered Democrat will get a ballot in the mail about two weeks before the June 3 election. The ballots will only name Obama and Clinton as candidates.

The party will also open 50 elections offices in "disadvantaged communities", so people there can vote in person if need be.

Finally, the party will hire an independent firm and recruit party leaders to handle the logistics of the special election.

There's still no word on who will pay the $12 million or whether the state or national party leaders will agree to the plan.