Vero Beach says farewell to Dodgers

Reporter Lindsay Cohen

It's the end of an era in Vero Beach. The Dodgers play their final game at Holman Stadium Monday. The team's move ends six decades of history in our area.

That means farewell to famous faces and sayonara to 60 years of tradition. "It's like losing part of the family or losing the reason we're here," says a local fan.

Folks who live in Vero Beach will tell you the Dodgers' presence is as much about what goes on inside the stadium as what goes on outside the stadium.

The Dodgers plan to move their spring training to Arizona.

As for Dodgertown, there are at least three other teams that have expressed interest in moving there, but no plans have been finalized.

The Dodgers face off against the Houston Astros Monday at 1 p.m.