Harsher punishments: Secret sex in public beaches

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

Secret sex at public beaches opened the eyes of lawmakers promoting change. Now, state leaders are hashing out a new bill designed to strengthen the punishments against people caught committing those crimes.

The new bill came about after a Fox 29 I-Team Investigation uncovered lude and lascivious activity at beaches. That bill is now going to the State House.

Representative William Snyder filed the bill to make it a felony crime to have sex on the beach, in public parks or near schools.

After we aired our I-Team report on indecent exposure, the committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety discussed the bill being discussed in Tallahassee Wednesday.

Right now, anyone caught committing the crime faces a misdemeanor punishable by a $1,000 fine. But, if the state legislature passes the bill, violators will go to jail with a felony record.

Representative Snyder hopes that passage of this bill will deter people from exposing themselves or having sex in public parks and beaches to help law enforcement get a grip on this problem.

Authorities say the problem continues to grow and so do the underground networks where the people who commit these crimes meet to discuss ways to come out to beaches to partake in indecent activities.