Obama, Clinton: "Show us you can lead"

Florida Democrats create another plan to make sure our delegates get seated. This time, they'll go straight to the source.

They want Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to work out a compromise.

The plan would give half the delegates to Clinton since she technically won the primary. The other half could then be set aside based on the national popular vote or total national delegate count after the primary season ends in June.

Two Florida state senators say Obama and Clinton need to prove they can negotiate. "We're calling on the candidates, show your leadership. You want to be the president of the United States, you want to be able to negotiate with Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-Il and the Republicans," says State Senator Steve Geller.

As the primary season currently stands, this proposal would award 114 of Florida's delegates to Clinton while Obama would get 96, but those numbers could change slightly by June.

National Democrats took away delegates as punishment for moving up the primary.