Teen claims three men repeatedly raped her

Reporter: Jana Eschbach

A teen says she was attacked and raped at a public park. Police say it happened in broad daylight with children playing nearby, but no one saw a thing.

Surrounding Dreamland Park in Fort Pierce are dozens of homes with unofficial neighborhood watchman Eddie Edgars eying every move. "As far as its happening, I wasn't aware of it."

Reporter asks, "You didn't see the police here?"

Edgars responds, "No, I didn't, and we never see the police."

Edgars says he is not shocked to hear a teen was repeatedly raped at this park in broad daylight by three men: Two black males in their late teens and one Hispanic in his early 30s.

"We live in this area. There's a bunch of gangs."

Police won't say if it's gang-related, but the teen did not know her attackers. She met up with friends after school outside Popeye's skipping her bus ride home.

She walked alone to the park and sat. When, she says, it was between 5 to 5:30 p.m., the gang of three approached and brandished a gun.

Detective David Cuti says, "Our victim advised there were a few people playing softball a few at the basketball courts, and there were some people sitting at a bench not too far away from her."

And they didn't stop and help her?

"She didn't make too much commotion. She was scared; she was in fear."

Police say she was raped in a side area of the park, repeatedly, over the span of 30 minutes. She was so traumatized, she stumbled eight blocks to a pay phone and called her foster father for help.

Now, police fear the gang of three will attack again. "Absolutely, they did it one time. I feel they are more than capable of doing it again."

On watch, Eddie is looking out for those suspects. "They are gonna get caught."

Fort Pierce Police want to talk to anyone who was at Dreamland Park Wednesday night. They are looking for better descriptions of the three men who, police say, gang-raped that teen.