Wendy's reopens after fatal shooting

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

A fast food restaurant that was the scene of a deadly shooting rampage reopens Tuesday.

Tuesday's grand reopening will be filled with anticipation for the people who both work and use the Wendy's on North Military Trail. But, it will also be a day filled with thoughts of fear for those who were there three weeks ago when a crazed gunman changed their lives forever.

It's the first time customers will be allowed back inside the newly refurbished Wendy's. Monday the restaurant opened its doors for a short while hosting a private luncheon for its employees and for members of law enforcement who responded to the scene of the shooting.

Just three weeks ago, the restaurant was the sight of a horrendous crime scene when Alburn Edward Blake walked into the restaurant and opened fire on unsuspecting lunch crowd killing a Palm Beach County firefighter and injuring four others before taking his own life.

"It was just, it's a horrific tragedy for so many people, and just getting beyond it for everybody in the community, for Wendy's, for our employees, is really our key motivation.

All 22 employees that worked at the Wendy's on the day of the shooting will be returning to work again Tuesday.

Since the shooting, this Wendy's has undergone a complete internal renovation. Nothing inside is the same as it was the day of shooting. The only reminder of the shooting that is still visible is a small cross and a teddy bear placed outside near the parking lot.

Lt. Rafael Vazquez was a firefighter with Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.  He was killed by Blake. Now, one local group is trying to raise money for his family.

Any business in the area, including retailers and restaurants, can donate a portion of their proceeds to the "Moms Big Give" fund. And, then on Friday, it's wear your jeans to work. The group is asking for companies to allow their employees to pay $5 to wear jeans for the day. The companies can then donate the money to "Moms Big Give".