Toddler rescued after 27 hours in well

Two-year-old Vandana was trapped in a well near New Delhi for more than a day.
Two-year-old Vandana was trapped in a well near New Delhi for more than a day.

A 2-year-old girl was rescued Wednesday after spending 27 hours trapped inside a narrow well outside the Indian capital of New Delhi.

Video footage from the scene showed a man emerge carrying the girl, named Vandana.

She fell 45 feet into the uncovered well while playing Tuesday night in a village near Agra, a northern Indian city outside New Delhi.

The girl was taken by ambulance to a hospital to be checked out, according to District Magistrate Mukesh Kumar Meshram.

"The girl is normal, according to the doctors, and there is a possibility (she is) suffering from dehydration," Meshram said.

CNN's partner network CNN-IBN reported Vandana's parents were by her side at the hospital.

Her mother was kept away from the well because of rescuers feared she would become emotional and upset the child, but her father was constantly talking to her to keep her conscious, authorities said.

India's army was called in to help, and rescuers dug a parallel well to tunnel into where Vandana was trapped.

Officials said the girl frequently asked for fruits and sweets, which was sent to her with the help of a rope.

Oxygen was also pumped inside the well through tubes to prevent any suffocation, CNN-IBN reported.

It was the sixth time a child had fallen into an open pit or uncovered well in India over the past two years.

On January 30, rescuers successfully retrieved a six-year-old boy from a 40-foot well in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.