Smile, officials are watching from above

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

On a post, about 20 feet up in the air, the West Palm Beach Police Department keeps an eye out for crime.

"For us, it's great. We can tell people we have probably the best security system you got sitting right up there. And it's watching you right now," says a city official.

Watching you from 13 locations throughout the city.

With plans on tap to expand with 360-degree, bullet-resistant, real-time surveillance cameras.

From the 45th Street flea market to a street corner near you, cops can get a crystal clear image of street-level activity. They can even see a license plate spotted from a block away!

The cameras record 24/7 with the capability of police officers being able to view and even control them from laptops in their cars.

Still, some wonder about 'big brother' abusing the new technology.

"That's discriminating against everybody's privacy in certain ways," complains a resident.

While the debate continues over privacy in a public place, this week, officials cleared the way to expand the 'City Cam' program in the south end.

A city official explains, "[We're] hoping, eventually, to have more than 100 of these cameras up in the next few years."

But one local disagrees. "I really don't agree about it but, you know, there's nothing I can do about it."