White powder thrown into Boca synagogue

Reporter: Alex Zequiera

A place of worship becomes the site of a major scare. White powder discovered inside a local synagogue.

Several people we spoke with said they didn't even know what had happened Wednesday night.

But finding out about the news, they're terrified someone would come into their community and attack a house of worship.

Hazmat crews arrived Wednesday night to the Congregation Torah Synagogue inside Century Village in West Boca Raton. According to investigators, someone threw an object into the synagogue that released some kind of white powder.

Two people inside the synagogue were exposed to that powder and brought outside. A man and woman were treated with precautionary decontamination procedures to make sure they were okay and not harmed or injured by the powder.

Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies, fire rescue and the board of public health all responded trying to find out what the white powder is.

Still, there's no word as to exactly what the substance is or why somebody would do that or even who threw the powder into the synagogue.

The investigation continues, and we'll continue to stay on top of this for you and bring you the latest details as they become available.