Coral snake kills Jack Russell Terrier

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Another dead dog bitten by a coral snake.

A dog named Roxie died from a coral snake bite last week. Now, it's Buster. The Jack Russell Terrier died Tuesday, but he almost made it due to quick thinking of the Martin County Fire and Rescue.

Buster took his last breaths around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. His vet believing the dog could make it out alive all because of a little bottle of antivenom. "Without antivenom, the chances of survival for a small dog like this are not good," he says.

This coral snake is believed to have caused all of the trouble. Biting Buster and leaving no mark due to its small mouth. "At 7 yesterday [Monday], he didn't even acknowledge that I came through the front door, and I knew something was wrong," recalls his owner.

The only way to save the pup - find the antivenom. So his owner frantic called around for help. And a chief with fire and rescue stepped in, made some calls and received fix vials all expired for human use donated for Martin Memorial Hospital. "He had his lieutenant personally deliver venom to try and save the dog. And the lieutenant went to the hospital to get venom. And that's what our job is - to take care of citizens, and to some people, that is their children."

Sadly, with donated doses of medication, Buster died soon after the cameras stopped rolling. But his owner said he will never forget his friend. "Very hyper, very bouncing around, and protected everybody. He was a very protective dog."

Antivenom is very hard to get your hands on, because we are told it's not made anymore. The only way that animal hospitals get it is they get it from regular hospitals when there's expired doses that can no longer be used on humans.