Bill: Ban teens from using cell while driving

Reporter: Alex Zequiera

The sound of the cell phone ring may soon be a major no-no in the cars of teens. The State Senate Transportation Committee approves a bill that would ban cell phone use among drivers under the age of 18.

Now, the bill would also ban text messaging and driving at the same time for drivers of any age.

That bill right now is being tossed around in Tallahassee. It was approved by the Florida State Senate Committee on Transportation. And, now, that bill is getting ready to be sent to the Senate floor and the House floor.

Now, the bill's sponsor, Casey Baker, a Republican Senator from Eustis, Florida, said his intention is to target teen drivers. He says they are very vulnerable on the road.

If approved, the bill would only allow the use of cell phones by teens behind the wheel if they're calling for an emergency or to report a crime.

Any other time would be illegal, but again, one of the things about the provision is that the cell phone use for teenagers would be a secondary offense. That means that a driver or teen driver in this case would have to be pulled over for either speeding or running a red light or driving recklessly before they are given a $60 ticket for talking on the phone.

There was a bill in this senate committee that would ban cell phone use for drivers of all ages except for those that have hands-free devices, but that bill was never voted on.

As for this bill that would ban the use of cell phone for teens and text messaging for drivers of all ages, that bill still has to go to the entire Senate and House before going to the governor's desk for his signing. The intent is to keep people from using these and keep their eyes on the road.