Port St. Lucie man waits 29 hours for hospital bed

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Some things are worth waiting for. But no one expects to have to wait 29 hours for a hospital bed; however, that happened to a Port St. Lucie family. But the hospital says they are not to blame.

A Port St. Lucie woman is frustrated. Eighteen hours in the emergency room and 11.5 hours in the hallway: That's how long her son waited to be admitted to the Longwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce after being rushed to the ER Monday.

"He had a pain. He said it felt like something heavy pressing down on his chest," says his mother who wishing not be identified.

His mother says he waited a total of 29.5 hours before he was finally put in a room - even waiting in a hallway with a sheet hanging around him.

"His primary doctor couldn't even find him when he was trying to find where he was. Our pastor came to see him. They told him he's at the end of one of these corridors."

We talked to a spokesperson. She says the wait time is not typical. Even if a patient is not in room, they're constantly being monitored. She could not speak to the specific case due to privacy laws, but says there are a lot of factors that could have played into his long wait time - time of day, other urgent needs and bed availability.

But the Port St. Lucie mother doesn't buy what the hospital says and believes her son's wait time proves how badly this area needs another facility. "I think this proves the point we do need that hospital around here. They cannot provide bed space."

Longwood Regional Medical Center say they're one of the top hospitals in the country. That their goal is to provide the best care, and this is just one incident not a pattern.