Pressure to lift water restrictions

Reporter: Chuck Weber

There's burning pressure to get rid of the one day a week water restriction in our area. After a rainy dry season, local utility directors say they have plenty of water. So, why the tough restrictions?

Fox 29 goes to Green Acres where water is flowing freely because there's plenty of it. "This is a very wet year. We're seeing a lot of heavy rain," says the county utilities director, Bevin Beaudet.

But, even with this year's high water levels, water managers still allow us to water our lawn just once a week. "It's very difficult to understand why there are one day a week restrictions right now."

Randy Smith, of the South Florida Water Management District, says, "We're coming into what is historically the driest months of the dry season."

Smith says the backup water supply for most of us is four feet below average for this time of year. "They're calling for below average rainfall. We've been fortunate to get the rain we've had. But, if you look at history and you pay attention to the long-term climate forecast, it does not paint a rosy picture."

Water district staffers are keeping a close eye on conditions and will report what they found to the water district managing board next week.