Jupiter Middle School students threatened on bus

Not only was he wearing a strange outfit, but, kids on the bus say, he was talking about knives.

The man said he had a bomb and a knife, and he made threats. He even was wearing a purple construction hat.

Now, parents want to know how did this man stayed on board a bus making threats to their children's safety.

On a street corner in Tequesta, there are a lot of unanswered questions. "There is reason to be concerned about this," says one parent.

"I just want to hear the correct story," another adds.

One mom asks, "What if there was a threat on the bus?"

There was a threat on board bus 51 as it headed to Jupiter Middle School Wednesday morning. And somehow a 21-year-old man got on board the bus telling young kids about the weapons and the drugs he said he had with him.

"That he had a bomb and wanted to blow up the bus, and there was a comment made he want had a knife" states parent Leayne Eble.

He was intercepted at school. No one was hurt, and he was taken home. Also sent home were letters to parents of the bus riders.

Principal David Culp assures, "You never know what's going to happen. But when something has happened, we can identify what has occurred, why and what needs to be done."

But parents are upset saying not enough was done to prevent this because on Thursday morning that man tried to get on the bus again. This time, he was caught beforehand, but worried moms and dads are hoping the school district will see this as a lesson.

Parent Gaby Hopkins states, "The scariest thing for me is he actually managed to get on the bus."

"Our kids are drilled constantly about lock downs in school and what to do if there's a threat. But nothing has ever been discussed in this incident," says parent Teri Moran.

After the man was caught again, school and local police visit his home. And they convinced him to seek help at a medical facility.

We are told the principal also met with the kids on the bus discussing both safety and prevention. The name of the man has not been released nor has the name of the bus driver. But we're told that driver has been reassigned.