Rescued dogs MUST be adopted by Tuesday

Reporter: Alex Zequiera

Right now, there are 19 dogs being cared for at Paws to Help in West Palm Beach. The problem is if those animals are not adopted by Tuesday, they could possibly be put down.

The dogs originally came from another animal shelter in Broward County. That shelter's electricity was cut off. The situation got so bad, the Broward County Sheriff's office was prepared to shut it down.

The Fort Lauderdale shelter then sent out e-mails to local area rescue groups, including Paws to Help in West Palm Beach, asking for help. Paws to Help jumped in to help place these dogs with lovely families.

The problem is those dogs have not been adopted yet, and if they're not adopted by Tuesday, Broward County's Animal Care and Control will take the dogs and likely put them down.

Now, among the dogs available are two golden retrievers, a blond collie and a couple of yellow labs. All of them are said to be healthy, but they still need to be spayed and neutered.

The cost to adopt one of these dogs is $85. So, if you are interested in finding these dogs a helping home, make sure to come by Tuesday to take one home.