Update: Toddler found in pond

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Update: The toddler found unconscious in a backyard pool this week has passed away.

Fourteen-month-old Zoe Cruz died at St. Mary's Medical Center. Police say her father, Enrique Cruz, left her 16-year-old uncle in charge. The uncle tells investigators he lost track of time while playing on the computer. He found her later outside in the small pond in the backyard.

Previously: A toddler is found face up in a small pond outsider her Port St. Lucie home. Investigators are now trying to piece together how this could have happened.

Joey Criewp, only 14 months old, was found face up in a small pound. "Not your typical situation, but nonetheless, still very serious," says Port St. Lucie officer Robert Vega.

Police arrived and performed CPR on Zoe in the home around 3 p.m. Tuesday.

A neighbor rushed outside to see the commotion - worried for the family. "I know they are not going to weather it well because of this. No one likes to hear that," says Kevin Agnelli.

No one knows exactly how Zoe got into the pond, but, police say, her father, Cruz, took a shower leaving her in the care of her uncle, Dan. They played on the computer and lost track of the little girl. "He thought he knew where she was and went looking for her, and she wasn't there."

Little Zoe probably made it outside through the doggy door. "Around the pond, there's a little fence," says Travis who is friends with Dan.

Both Travis and Kevin know the little girl was the light of the Cruz's life. "And I know that was the little ray of sunshine."

The toddler was taken to St. Lucie Medical Center in critical condition before being airlifted to West Palm Beach where she remains in critical condition.