Worker killed at Solid Waste Authority

Reporter: Stephanie Dukes

Investigators say 36-year-old James Ford of Port St. Lucie was killed Tuesday at the Solid Waste Authority near Jog Road in West Palm Beach after falling approximately 50 feet.

Investigators tell Fox 29 the worker was employed by Mara Steel. "They have a very stringent safety protocol. And, as far as I know, that was being followed at the time of the accident," says Patrick Carroll with Solid Waste Authority.

We spoke with the construction safety expert who says, typically, anyone working more than 15 feet in the air is supposed to wear a safety harness that's attached from above. If a worker is on the roof, the harness is not required.

Investigators say, there were approximately 40 people on the scene when the worker fell. Operation Safety and Health Administration will interview them and conduct inspections to determine what happened. "There are safety devices. And as soon as all is looked into, we will be glad to share more information with you," David Sowel states.

OSHA and the general contractor will conduct an investigation, but no word on how long that will take or when work will resume at the site.