Parents searching for daughter's killer

Reporter: Alex Zequiera

A local aspiring actress killed in her apartment. It's been 12 years of pain for the parents and for investigators in our area still searching for clues.

No arrests have been made in this cold case murder of an aspiring actress found dead in her Boca Raton apartment in 1986. But, her parents won't rest until justice is served.

"I keep hoping that person would finally have some remorse and come forward and help solve this case," says Art Crum.

It's been over a decade since Julie Wills was found stabbed to death inside her Boca Raton home. At the scene of the crime, no signs of sexual assault, no forced entry and nothing was stolen.

Several leads have come in over the years, but a killer is still out there. "She was beautiful outside and inside, and she would do anything for people she hardly knew."

The pain has been unbearable for Julie's parents, Art and Nancy Crum. "It's sad, too, because we always get our hopes up that something will happen to solve the case. And, nobody has come forward, and people are still not cooperating with the police," says Nancy.

The parents now live in Austin, Texas, but every year come to Boca Raton to attend mass and mark the anniversary of their daughter's death. They hope the trip inspires someone who knows something to come forward and help them find their daughter's killer. "Whether anything comes of it or not, we just have to keep trying for her."

But with leads diminishing and the rays of hope becoming dimmer, they say, all they have left now is faith. "Hopefully, our prayers will be answered soon. We're not going to give up till they bury us," says Art.

The annual mass they attend was held Sunday at St. Joan of Arc. They will meet Monday with investigators to get an update on the case hoping for a shred of new evidence to help find their daughter's killer.