Last minute tax help

Reporter: John Bachman

We're just days away from the climax of tax season. If you haven't filed yet or dealing with foreclosure, you want to make sure you get your economic and stimulus check from Uncle Sam.

April 15 is a day we all know and some are dreading: The all-important deadline to file your tax return.

The vice-president of Liberty Tax Service is getting a lot of questions this year - some dealing with the economic stimulus checks. "Everyone is supposed to get one, but they're tied to the income tax return," explains Scott Shrader.

People who haven't filed in years, people who receive social security, and certain type of VA pensions and other types of income - who are not required to file a return - need to file to receive it.

And there's a tax break this year for those dealing with foreclosure. "In the past, they had to pay tax on debt forgiven by banks."

This year, there's an exclusion why you would not have to pay tax on the debt that the mortgage company forgives. "And file your return or an extension by Tuesday."

If you need last-minute help filing, a limited number of centers will be open through Tuesday. They offer volunteer income tax assistance, free to those who make less than $40,000 a year.

For real procrastinators, some area post offices will stay open late Tuesday, April 15 to collect last minute tax returns.