Cowboy Troy: Not your average cowboy

You can call Cowboy Troy's music many things - the New Rock Yawlternative, Hick Hop, a smorgasbord - but one thing's for sure, his music is definitely in a class of its own. "I'm a big fan of country, rock and rap, so I like to combine all the different styles of music and combine it into one and call it Hick Hop."

Cowboy Troy isn't your average cowboy. "I became the guy that had the cool party trick of rapping. But I was always wearing a cowboy hat which made it a bit more funnier."

Put on one of his songs, and you're going to hear a melting pot of country, rap and rock 'n roll.  "I'm a big fan of Metallica, a big fan of Motorhead and Dwight Yoakam, Run DMC and LL Cool J."

But, he doesn't stop at combining musical genres. "Rap around the World' is a song on my first album, Loco Motive. I took a Chinese course one time, and I decided to include Mandarin Chinese. But, I don't remember any of it because it's been so long ago. So, my Mandarin is rusty, but I grew up speaking Spanish."

Rachel: "Is there any other languages in that song?"

Troy: "A little Russian, a little German."

Rachel: "What's your favorite language to rap in?"

Troy: "English."

Rachel: "You understand it the best."

Troy: "It's the easiest for me."

Something not so easy for Cowboy Troy: "Being on the road so much, I'd really like to be at home with the wife and kids."

Rachel: "How many children do you have?"

Troy: "I have triplet sons."

Rachel: "Is that hard being away from them?"

Troy: "Yea, especially when they see me walking out the door, and I got to go to work, and they're crying, 'Daddy, Daddy'. You know, so that's kind of hard."

Cowboy Troy is working on his third album. His first two, Black in the Saddle and Loco Motive, are available online at