Pit bull attacks 9 year old

A 9-year-old West Palm Beach girl is out of the hospital Tuesday morning recovering from a pit bull attack.

The dog bit her four times on her chest and legs Saturday. It happened at a mobile home park.

The third grader says she had pedaled her bicycle down the street and was standing outside waiting for a friend when a pit bull, named Rex, raced out of a mobile home and lunged at her. She says she froze and screamed as the dog bit her repeatedly.

"[The] dog attacked me when it came out. First, it got the chest, and, then, wouldn't let go of my chest. And, then, he thought I was going to run, so he got my foot, and it was scary," describes Dilcia Cisneros.

She says the pit bull did not stop biting her until a lady who was watching the dog called him.

She had eight stitches. Rex is now quarantined at animal care in control for 10 days while the investigation continues.