Baby falls into pool: Dog saves the day

A baby falls into a backyard swimming pool. No one noticed except the family dog who sprang into action.

Brook Lovatt had family in town including a 10-month-old baby boy. Someone cracked the sliding glass door of the house to let in some cool air Monday night; that's when the baby slipped out back and fell into the water.

It only took about 15 seconds before the baby was outside and fell in the pool, and the dog was the first person to notice. "He was barking and splashing at the side of the pool. So we knew that something had fallen in the pool. And we went out, and the baby was there, and we pulled him out, and he wasn't breathing when he came out of the pool. But he wasn't blue or anything. He'd just fallen in."

Rescue breathing brought him back instantaneously.

We are told the 10-month-old boy is expected to be okay.