Man found dead in upscale WPB neighborhood

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

An upscale West Palm Beach neighborhood is plagued by questions after the apparent homicide of one of the homeowners.

"Murder is the last thing that would go through my mind," says one resident.

Police won't say if it's murder but will say they are considering this a homicide. A man was found dead in the living room at 113 Elamar around 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Loved ones came quickly comforting each other and talking to detectives. Investigators scoured the area for clues.

Property records show that Scott Graham purchased the home in 1999. Neighbors say he's an interior designer with an office downtown. Police say the person who was found dead didn't show up for work over the last two days prompting a search of the home.

A neighbor noticed lights there Monday night and knocked Tuesday to see if everything was all right. "First night, I thought nothing of it. Last night, I stopped. It was about midnight, and I knocked on the door, and there was no response," says another neighbor. "If it's a domestic, I hope it is a domestic, because that would explain what happened. And that there's not some idiot running around harming people or murdering people."

Police say they are waiting to positively identify the person before releasing his name publicly.