Fox 29 takes part in Great American Clean Up

More than 5,000 volunteers from Tequesta to Boca Raton came out Saturday for the Great American Clean Up.

Fox 29 and Florida Crystals teamed up with residents of Ibis Country Club and surrounding neighborhoods to clean up Northlake Boulevard from Ibis to the Beeline Highway.

Fox 29's Kathie Kreh says "The reason we're here is we have a new Altogether Green campaign. And, if you visit the Web site, you know it's all about the environment and people doing 10-15 percent more. There's a small percentage of the population that does a lot for the environment, and we're trying to get the other folks to do just a little bit more because through sheer numbers, if everyone just did a little bit more, we could actually eradicate some of the problems."

Kreh has a sincere passion for preserving our environment. "We want people to realize that making a few changes and getting involved makes all the difference in the world. We're promoting environmental education and active community participation with the Altogether Green campaign on-air and online. We're excited to see the community responding by making Altogether Green pledges and volunteering their time and talents. The most amazing things happen when people take action and actually get their hands dirty."

Lourdes Ferris, Executive Director of Keep Palm Beach Beautiful Inc., adds, "You know the phase make Earth Day every day. It's to make people realize if they change a couple of things, in their home and at work and become more green, it's going to help save the earth. And help us ultimately preserve our environment for our children and our grandchildren."

For example, the empty milk jug you threw away after breakfast, it will take 1 million years to break down. The sandwich you bought from the grocery store for lunch, the container it came in, will never decompose. And the can of soda to wash down your sandwich with takes 200-500 years to break down.

Deputy Buchanan with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department takes crews all around our area to clean up what drivers throw out. "Litter's an ongoing problem. We see it every day. And when I see a bunch of trash on the side of the road, it makes me feel like why are these people doing it? That's all it takes, if one person will think about what they're doing, it would resolve the problems that we have."

But people are becoming more green. Learn ways to do your part by clicking on the Altogether Green link on our Web site.