Sole Mates: On and off the dance floor

Reporter: Eric Roby

It's the type of passion that makes a marriage strong and helped create international dance champions.

Babette and Warren Brown could live anywhere in the world; however, they choose to live in our area. Every time they get on the dance floor, you can see their passion for dancing, but most of all for each other.

Gliding across the dance floor, hitting each step with precision and purpose, Babette and Warren Brown are among the best ballroom dancers in the world. "There is something that is absolutely unique with ballroom dancing is the partnering skill. It is about a man dancing with a woman. It is the most intense kind of partnering," Babette describes.

Intense is what this couple does best. They make you feel the passion of the tango. But for this married couple of six years, it's just a normal day at the office. "I can perform if I am piping mad at you," says Barbette.

"Yeah, she often does," Warren admits. "Yeah, you wouldn't see a difference."

Warren is from Scotland and a fourth generation dancer. Babette is from Austria. Together, they are the reining Scottish Latin ballroom dancers.

After a month of dancing together, Warren knew they were in love and proposed. "We were practicing the rumba, which is the dance of love, and I was standing there waiting to dance. She couldn't look at me for three days; she couldn't dance with me."

The two soon got married traveling the world as professional dancers both competing and teaching. But they wanted to put down roots and picked Jupiter to open up a Fred Astaire Dance Studio. "Dancing on the dance floor and competing, that's one thing, but trying to teach someone to dance with no experience, now that's a real challenge."

For some, the strain of running a business together, competing together and living together would be too much. But, like on the dance floor, these two have figured out the right moves to make it work.

Babette says, "We can have a practice where we hate each other; then, we go home and everything is fine. We never take a grudge home. We really understand what is dancing and what is private life."

Warren and Babette have a relationship few will ever experience. "We listen to each others' bodies while we dance. It's knowing where our weight is, our body connection."

From world class dancers to renowned teachers to a fairy tale romance, Warren and Babette are perfect together both on and off the dance floor.

For more information, log onto the Fred Astair Jupiter Dance Studio's Web site.