Driver fatally drags boy

Reporter: Al Pefley

A seventh grader was killed in a crash at Okeechobee Boulevard and Jog Road. Sheriff's investigators say 12-year-old Adrian Brown was riding his bike through the intersection about 11 Thursday morning when he was hit by a driver making a left turn onto Jog. The driver is identified as 77-year-old John Stayduhar of Lake Worth.

A sheriff's spokesman says the boy's body was caught underneath the car and was dragged at least 30 feet before the driver came to a stop in the intersection. Brown's bike flew through the air due to the impact with the car.

An eyewitness at the scene says the driver of the car appeared to have ran a red light; however, a sheriff's spokesman says they have not determined yet if that's what happened.  He says Stayduhar declined to talk with sheriff's investigators at the scene and asked for an attorney.

Stayduhar has not been charged. He says there's no indication that alcohol was a factor.

The boy is a seventh grader at Jaega Middle School near West Palm Beach. The accident happened during school hours. But, according to the sheriff's office, the school has no record that the boy had actually attended school today.