Body discovered in landfill: Stepdaughter charged

Reporter: Tasha Martinez

A local teen and her boyfriend remain in jail without bond charged with the murder of the teen's stepfather. His body ended up at a Palm Beach County landfill.

Now, the victim's wife is discussing this case and why she holds her daughter's boyfriend responsible. "He's really evil. I looked into his eyes before, and he's just empty," states Kristen Jensen.

That's how she describes Christopher Tomlinson, the man, she says, brain washed her daughter into murdering her husband. "She never back-talked to me or anything like that. And that's what she was doing.

Kristen says when Nicole moved back home four months ago, she became reclusive and constantly put down her stepfather. "She started calling him dad. They got real close. And, then, Chris showed up and everything turned completely around.

Kristen says they wanted to Kick Tomlinson out of the house, but didn't because Nicole was pregnant. The problems continue, and that's when, police say, Nicole and Tomlinson decided to kill Jarrold killing him Monday morning and throwing his body in a dumpster.

They told Kristen he had disappeared after arguing with someone on the phone. She suspected that person had to hurt Jarrold. Someone had to come in and get him and take him out. Someone else did this. It was an outsider. But I just couldn't put them in the picture.

Three days later, Jarrold's body was found in a Palm Beach County landfill. Nicole and Tomlinson confessed the murder to police soon afterward devastating Kristen a second time. She says she regrets not listening to her gut feelings about Tomlinson before he gained full control over her daughter. "I never thought she was that cruel and hateful."

Now, Kristen says, all that remains is a house filled with stuff she wants to get rid of and memories of her best friend that only sometimes ease the pain. "He was great. He was really a neat, fun guy. God, I miss him so much."

The other big concern, what will happen to Nicole's infant daughter. Kristen Jensen says she doesn't know if she'll seek custody of her 6-week-old granddaughter.