Hit and run: Teen killed on dirt bike

When 16-year-old Jamel Wilson wasn't posing for the camera, he absolutely loved his dirt bike. So much so, some of the last words his mother told him Saturday have come back to haunt her.

"I told my godson to tell [Jamel] to put the dirt bike up -- that today wasn't a good day to ride it," said Tammy Wilson, Jamel's mother. "I don't know why I said it, 'cause I had never said it before."

It was while riding that dirt bike home on Saturday night that a driver hit and killed the popular teenager. The accident took place near the intersection of 49th Street and Greenwood Avenue in West Palm Beach, just across from St. Mary's Medical Center.

"I was just screaming and hollering," Jamel's mother said. "I just felt like something... I just felt something bad had happened."

Police say the driver that hit Jamel took off; although, authorities later found the truck they believe was involved in the accident. Police were scheduled to serve a search warrant on the truck Monday evening.

"I just want the driver to come forward," said Jamel's mother. "I feel like my son deserve[s] it. And I do, too."

Police are trying to determine if the truck's owner was driving the car on Saturday night. Investigators were scheduled to interview the truck's owner on Monday.

Meantime, Jamel's family is struggling to raise enough money to pay for the teenager's funeral. They set up a fund in Jameill's name at National City Bank, so that anyone can donate.

"He knew I loved him," said his mother, sighing. "He knew that with all his heart."