Side job: Teacher claims termination unfair

A teacher at Port St. Lucie High School says she was terminated, and she feels it's because the school system learned she was working on a charter fishing boat that offers trips with young women going topless or wearing bikinis.

Tiffany Shepherd was a biology teacher at Port St. Lucie High. She says, last week, two assistant principals called her into an office at school and told her to turn in her keys because she would no longer be working there.

Tiffany says they would not give her a reason.

Since then, she says, she has received calls from other teachers at the same school who told her the reason for her dismissal was that the school system learned about her part-time job.

Tiffany admits she works as a bikini girl for "Smokin' Em" Charters at Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce. She wears a bikini, but says she does not work topless.

She says she took the job  because she has three children and is going through a divorce and needs the extra money.

Tiffany says she can make $200 a day on weekends plus tips on the charter fishing boat.

The St. Lucie County School District would not discuss why she was let go; however, a school district spokeswoman said in an e-mail to Fox 29 quote: "Teachers on annual contract may be non-reappointed and Florida statutes provide there does not need to be a reason provided."

Tiffany says she may take legal action against the school system to get her teaching job back. She says she misses her students and would like to return to work at Port St. Lucie High.