Deal or Dud: Save a Blade

Reporter: Ric Blackwell

Stop trashing your cash by overspending on those expensive replacement razor blades. The makers of a new product say they can renew your razor! But does it really work?

We put it to the Deal or Dud Test.

Maybe you've seen the ads that say stop spending so much money on those costly replacement razor cartridges! "It's truly like turning one blade into 40 brand new blades saving you hundreds of dollars every year!"

Instead, those behind Save a Blade say their product can re-sharpen your razor up to 200 times! And, they say, they've got the lab tests to prove it!

According to Save a Blade's Dallas-based distributor, the blade in the lab tests you see on TV was used five times, re-sharpened, used five more times and re-sharpened. A process repeated all the way to those 200 shaves touted on TV.

After five shaves with our blade, we didn't see any significant damage. But we did find a tiny little pit that could use some re-sharpening.

Spokesperson: "Save A Blade's secret is our patented micro-honing technology that sweeps the blade at 60 revolutions per second to sharpen and renew your blade in one simple step!"

After following the instructions and sharpening our blade, the edge of the blade is full of defects! We found the save a blade sharpener actually did damage!

We had trouble finding any imperfections with the new blade. But, now, it's pitted, nicked and chipped all along the cutting edge. The edge of the blade seems to have been degraded by the process.

So, is it a Deal or Dud? Our volunteers say dud.