Sex ed video controversy

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

St. Lucie has one of the highest HIV rates in southeast Florida, and, as a response, the district created a sex ed video.

The video is now on the school district's Web site to show us exactly what those kids have in store for sex ed.

What they have in mind is teaching sex education like none other seen before. The video, now posted on the city's Web site, talks about sex and the importance of using protection, like condoms, when engaging in sexual intercourse.

The five-minute video will be shown to eighth graders as part of the health curriculum. Official with the St. Lucie Health Department demonstrate how to use the condom.

"We are certainly not encouraging students to have sex, but a strategy which has been proven to be effective in lowering the transition of HIV infection is a consistent use of condoms during sexual activity," says Dr. Juliet Lomax, Homier AIDs Treatment & Research of the Treasure Coast.

The video and its unconventional way of teaching sex education has caused a flurry among parents and church groups in the vicinity, but parents have a right to not have it shown. They can say, in writing, they don't want the video shown to their child and other course work will be provided.