Close call: Cash nearly lures kids into truck

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Three men try to lure three young children to their truck. It all happened in broad daylight at a school bus stop in the 600 block of 33rd street in Fort Pierce.

Everyday, cousins Antonio, Geonishia and JJ walk home from the bus together. But, on Wednesday, someone followed their bus home.

Geonishia says, "First, they said, 'hi'. Then, they said, 'You want some money?' He [Antonio] almost went to the door, but my Grandma came out."

The 10, 7 and 5 year olds say three men in a black pick-up truck asked if they wanted money. The dollar bills enticed Antonio, but his Grandma rushed outside and urged him home.

Antonio's mother is thankful she was watching. "If she wasn't here, they probably would have taken them and done God knows what with them."

Fort Piece police have stepped up patrols on 33rd Street looking for men matching the description from the children.

Geonishia describes, "The one driving had bumps on his face."

Antonio adds, "Two of them didn't have a shirt on."

Since the three got a good look at the men, police have a pretty good idea who they're searching for.

Detective Zoila Simmons says they will never know their real intentions. "We can only assume the worst. You know three adult males luring three young children to a pick-up truck by offering them money, there intentions don't appear to be good."

Fort Pierce police will continue to step up patrols near bus stops in the area. They will be in marked and unmarked cars. At this point, they have no suspects.