Boy shot after finding gun in trash pile

Reporter: Al Pefley

RIVIERA BEACH, FL (WFLX) - A 5-year-old accidentally shoots himself, and police are still unclear how it happened.

Neighbors say a 5-year-old boy found a loaded handgun in a trash pile. "Somebody, apparently, dropped the gun there or threw it there."

And, although parents often warn their kids don't play with guns, in this case, the little boy ended up getting hurt.

Police say 5-year-old Printess Williams, Jr. found the gun on the trash pile near his house located near the corner of West 30th Street and Avenue M, and, accidentally, shot himself in the right foot. He went back to his house went inside bleeding, and told his mother. And she took him to the hospital where he was treated and released last [Wednesday] night.

A neighbor, who lives a couple of doors down, says she has eight children and is just relieved it wasn't one of her kids who found the loaded handgun. "It is very likely he could find a gun out here. It is such a drug area, you know? Everyday, all day. Constantly drug trafficking everyday, all day. Very sad, very sad. The police need to beef up around here and keep the guys off the corner for the drug activities."

Riviera Beach Police say they've gotten some conflicting information on what happened but would not elaborate. They say the matter will be referred to the state attorney's office, and they'll decide if any charges will be filed. At this point, no one has been charged.

Meanwhile, police say, the gun has not been recovered.