Witness describes FAU shooting

Reporter: Chuck Weber

The man accused of causing chaos at Florida Atlantic University during finals week appears before a judge. He claims he was only reacting to a threat.

But, that's not the way police and others see it. Fox 29 talks with one of the people who almost got shot.

Twenty-two-year-old Omar Graham appeared in court.

"For what ever reason, he thought that we were laughing at him, and we weren't," says former FAU student Rhyan Walcott.

Walcott now attends Broward Community College. He says a close friend hosted the party at her apartment. He did now know the man who approached him. "And, he just comes up and says, 'What are you guys laughing at? What are you guys laughing at?'"

Walcott told the man it wasn't about him. "I didn't touch him or anything, but, all of a sudden, he just pulls out his gun, pistol, whips me like two or three times, hits me on like the side of the temple and like on top of the head."

Then, the gun fired. "I wasn't even sure what he had at first, because the strobe lights were flashing, until I saw the flash from the gun shot."

"It happened so quickly; everyone started running. There was two people upstairs hiding in the bathroom."

Graham was finally arrested in Miami. In the police report, Graham tells officers two men were making eye contact in a menacing manner. Graham says the men came up to him and exchanged words. Graham felt a fight was inevitable. So, he pulled out his handgun, racked a round in the chamber to get their attention.

Graham never admits to firing; though, he tells police it could have gone off. "Nah, nah, that never happened."

Walcott got a sore temple and had blood on his ear but escaped being shot. "I just think it's ridiculous. We're all supposed to have like a good time, you know, end of the semester."

Walcott missed his own final exams in Broward Wednesday and was set to take make-up exams Thursday afternoon. As for Graham, he was a culinary student at Johnson and Wales College in North Miami.