Help pours in for severely autistic girl

Reporter: Suzanne Boyd

The offers of help have been pouring in for a local man and his severely autistic granddaughter, and it proves Fox 29 viewers really do care.

It didn't take long for the phones to start ringing once you all saw the story of Joseph Aucone and his severely autistic daughter, Melissa. "I don't have a lot of money. I'm struggling, but it brought tears to my eyes, and I'd really like to give something," says one viewer.

Aucone has been fighting to keep Melissa's insurance through the state. For some reason, it keeps getting canceled, and that means no therapy after school which she desperately needs to get better.

Suzanne asks, "When you look into her eyes, what do you see?"

Joseph responds, "I see one day that she's going to be better."

Several people are offering to send money. Others wanted to help Joseph sort out the insurance problem. "I'm an insurance adjustor and a darn good one."

And, then, there were those wanting to help with her therapy. "We have a special needs ministry in Palm Beach Gardens, and I want to see if we can possibly help out that family."

We do these stories because there are so many people, like Joseph and Melissa, in our community who need help. And, so many of you willing to give. "Thank you so much. As a mother of four, that you put this on television."

Suzanne's trying to call back everyone who called. But, if she didn't get to you, and you'd like to send a donation, you can send it to the Fox 29 studio:

Attention: Suzanne Boyd
1100 Fairfield Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Please, write the check out to Joseph Aucone.