Baby dies in apartment fire

Reporter: Tasha Martinez

A 10-month-old baby is killed in apartment fire. Somehow, seven other kids inside the burning apartment made it out alive. Paramedics say no adults were home at the time.

Listening to his cousins talk about him, it's easy to see how much 10-month-old Deadrina Wilson was loved. The baby boy was asleep inside his home when Delray Beach firefighters say a fire broke out in his room just after 4:00 A.M. Sunday morning.

Over the phone, his teenage sister told us her other siblings began screaming in the apartment calling out, "Fire, fire! Baby, baby!"

She says she immediately tried to get to the back bedroom along with a 16-year-old family friend who was helping her babysit.

When firefighters arrived, they say, smoke was billowing from the second floor apartment. They took over in the rescue effort.

Firefighters did manage to extinguish some of the flames and pull Deadrina out. They rushed him to paradmedics, but it was already too late. The burns on his body were severe.

The other seven kids inside the apartment escaped unharmed.

Deadrina's parents were unusually not home at the time.

Firefighters managed to keep the fire contained to the single apartment. Some of the other residents in the building did get smoke and water damage.

The family says they will stay with relatives until they can decide what to do next.