FortiFido: It's Fit for Fido

Reporter: Emily Pantelides

Bottled water is going to the dogs. A Florida company has created a new bottled water fortified with vitamins for your pet.

Fifteen-month-old Shelby may be a boxer, but, today, she's also a guninea pig. She's sampling "Fortifido," a new line of bottled water designed for dogs.

Each drop is fortified with vitamins for healthy bones, joints and skin. Keri Armstrong, says, "She liked it, so that's a good thing. I think dogs need all the vitamins they can get, so that's a positive."

The people who bottle generic cola created "Fortifido".

Charles Calise explains, "To make sure that we're making dogs happy and healthy and helping maintain their good health."

Flavors include parsley, peanut butter, lemongrass or spearmint to combat puppy breath. "Dogs like them all, but this [spearmint flavor] is one they really gravitate toward."

A dog's superior sense of smell needs just a dash of flavor.

Next, Shelby tries peanut butter. "It's like a peanut butter cookie. But just a hint, just a little bit."

The company that makes "Fortifido" says the health standards for dog water are actually stricter than people water. "Primarily because water for dogs is considered for feed."

The bottling for Fortifido has just started, so it should be on store shelves and in dog bowls sometime soon.

Last year, Americans spent 41.2 billion on their pets.