Terminated teacher may find work with Playboy

Reporter: John Bachman

Things are heating up for a Treasure Coast fishing charter company and the teacher who works there.

You probably remember Tiffany Shepherd. She says the St. Lucie County School District let her go because she was working on the fishing boats wearing just her bikini.

Now, it looks like she might be getting the last laugh and more cash.

It appears Tiffany Shepherd has started her publicity tour. Right now, she's on her way to New York City due to appear on a Fox talk show in Wednesday morning. And, she says, there are more offers on the the table including one from Playboy.

So, things seem to be looking up for Tiffany Shepherd; plus, she's getting a lot of attention. "Radio stations from all over the country, different tv shows, newspapers, online Web sites, it's just been overwhelming. It's kind of cool because a lot of people are telling me to go for it."

We caught up with her as she was heading out of Palm Beach International Airport looking to cash in on her new found notoriety in New York City. "Yeah and I've got quite a few marriage proposals," she says.

Turns out, getting let go from her day job - teaching high school in the St. Lucie County School District - may actually be great for her bottom line.

The mother of three says she was just trying to make ends meet by working a second job on a fishing boat for Smoke 'Em Charters. They offer bikini clad and topless mates for fishing trips.

But, Tiffany says, she never went topless. "I would never do anything like that. Running around naked or letting people touch me, no thank you," she said last month.

Still, the school district says they had to let her go. Not because of the bikinil, they say, she was missing too many days. So now, she may wind up in pages of Playboy.

Kat Coombes, who also works for Smokin 'Em Charters is acting as Tiffany's temporary manager. "I heard through the grapevine that it's roughly $25,000 a photo."

And, Shepherd says, that's what changed her mind about possibly taking off her top. "The difference would be securing my childrens' future because it would be a lot more money involved."

Tiffany says she hopes to even get enough money to start a scholarship fund for some of her students. And, she is considering filing a law suit against the St. Lucie County School District.