Deal or Dud: The Perfect Pushup

Reporter: Ric Blackwell

Maximize muscle strength, increase definition, and pump up your pecs. The makers of the "Perfect Pushup" say they can assist you in getting the most from your workout.

But before you buy it, we put this product to the Deal or Dud Test.

Spend any amount of time with Shad Marshall, and you'll quickly learn, philosophy is compound, functional movements; using different muscle groups at the same time; and incorporating movements that we do every day.

He's been my personal trainer for a year; a long year during which we squat, dead lift and press.

The gym is probably the one place where we can agree that form and function can go hand in hand. "It doesn't matter if you can bench 300 pounds if you're constantly hurt because you can't do squats correctly."

That's one reason we tapped this trainer to help us put the "Perfect Pushup" to the Deal or Dud Test.

Let's just say he's somewhat of a pushup expert. Over the last three years, he's done at least 10,000 of them!

The product is from the mind of a military man. The guy who inventor this is a former U.S. Navy Seal.

The "Perfect Pushup" is simply a set of rotating handles that snap into place. "What I'm gonna do is coach you through a correct pushup. You have to come down on the ground please. As you move toward the ground, you keep your butt, and your head moving at the same time."

Unlike a traditional pushup, the rotating handles of the "Perfect Pushup" are designed to engage more muscles and reduce joint strain. "You can definitely feel it in the shoulder as opposed to doing regular pushups."

The idea is to make those auxiliary muscles work harder than they usually do. "Wooh, yes, they are; they definitely are."

The product also comes with an exercise guide to show users how varying their position will work different parts of their upper body.

It's called the "Perfect Pushup". What do you think, Deal or Dud? "I think it's a deal."

The Perfect Pushup sells online for $39.95, but we found it on sale at Walgreens for about half that much.