Lewd molestation: Sebastian River teacher charged

Reporter: Allison Bybee

Aaron Fusselman is a social studies teacher at Sebastian River High School according to the school's Web site. He is also the head of the boys' lacrosse team. But, now, he is no longer in the classroom. He's in jail.

On Wednesday 25-year-old Fusselman was charged with lewd or lascivious molestation. This, after a 15-year-old student claims for four months Fusselman touched her inappropriately in her second period class at Sebastian River High School.

In the middle of April, the student told a principal what was going on. The student claims several times Fusselman grabbed her chest, put his hand on the back of her shirt, and rubbed the back of her legs.

At one time, the student says Fusselman looked inside her jeans and made a lewd comment.

During the three-week investigation, several other students came forward. One stated, "He offered her an "A" if she would lift her dress."

Fusselman tells the Indian River County Sheriff's office he did make some inappropriate comments to his students, but denies ever touching anyone the wrong way. He did admit to once asking a student to make-out with him in order to get her books.