Boca Mall murder case: Another dead end

Updated: It's back to the drawing board for police in the search for the Town Center Mall murderer.

Robert Bodik is now back home after spending much of the weekend behind bars. The 27 year old was arrested Friday for disorderly conduct after, police said, he became belligerent during questioning at the Aventura Mall in Miami-Dade County.

At first, investigators thought, he may have been tied to the Boca Mall murders, but it turned out to be just another dead end. Bobik's physical appearance is the only similarity.

He's now out of jail and his mother is speak out. "It's very upsetting. My son is a good person. I think they handled it improperly. I think my son was within his rights when he didn't want to speak with them."

A woman who survived an attack at the mall last year told investigators that Bodik was not the man who kidnapped her.

Police are still looking for the killer. If you know anything about it, any leads, please call Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

Previously: Police finally have video of someone that may know about the Town Center Mall murders. Someone, police believe, looks like the killer.

For months, police have circulated the sketch of a suspected killer across the globe. Turns out, those hard efforts may have paid off.

In the grainy video, now in police's hands, it is hard to tell, but the floppy hat, sunglasses and ponytail were enough of a sign for an anonymous person to call police.

Maureen Hagen, a shopper, says "They need to catch him if this is the same person. It's very concerning if he's still out there walking the streets."

This man, seen walking through the Aventura Mall last Wednesday following a woman and child.

A similar enough circumstance to the murders at the Boca Town Center Mall in December and a similar enough look to the possible suspect.

"Anybody could dress like that. I could be dressed like that," says one skeptical shopper.

Another shopper, Kathy Herbert, says, "I think he'd try it again if he thought he could get away with it."

Police are hoping the man in the sketch hasn't gotten away with a killing. They're hoping the man could be a match that helps crack the case of the unsolved murders of Nancy and Joey Bocchichio that has haunted shoppers for months.

"Everybody I know, including other moms, have kinda changed their shopping habits a little bit as a result," informs Maureen.

"I've been very scared. I've been looking around," admits another.

Kathy Herbert says, "I do have a 5 year old, and I tend to stay away from going to the mall with him."

You may remember police came up with the sketch after the Bocchichios were murdered in December. Authorities made a connection to a similar attack on a mother and child at the mall in August 2007.

That couple survived, and the mother helped authorities come up with a drawing.

Someone apparently recognized the man from the drawing, made the connection to the person spotted at the mall, and called Crime Stoppers.

Police are also looking for the person who made that call to Crime Stoppers. They want to try and get more information, but they might not be able to find him.