Girl fight lands teacher in jail

We just got our hands on this exclusive cell phone video. It's a school fight that landed a local teacher in jail.

The teacher is one of those girls' mothers. Police say she did nothing to stop the fight. And, in fact, encouraged her daughter to take part.

A fight recorded on students' cell phones titled "Milly Getting Whooped" shows girls going at it in the parking lot at St. Lucie West Centennial High School. And one of the girl's moms was there the entire time.

"A freshman girl beat up a sophomore girl. From what I saw in the video, the mom tried to stop the girl," claims one student.

But, detectives say, 31-year-old Roseana Scaduto not only encouraged the fight, she drove her daughter to school specifically to take part in it. Detectives say the two girls began pounding each other while Scaduto shouted and watched her daughter get beaten up.

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara spoke only to us about the fight and the mother's involvement. "The mother pulled the girl off of her, separated them and instructed her to daughter don't take that."

Now, Scaduto is charged with two counts of child abuse. Scaduto, not only a parent, but also a teacher at a private school, Woodlands Academy, for behaviorally-challenged students.

Something students at Centennial find hard to believe. "A teacher should be giving advice not to fight, due to the fact, she knows, you can get expelled and stuff like that."

"As parents, we want to do what is right and protect our children, and this mother appears to have lost that sense of responsibility this [Thursday] morning,"  says a parent.

In the arrest report, Scaduto says, she was only trying to tell her daughter to defend herself. She posted bond, but, when we called her, she didn't want to talk.