New curriculum: Human reproduction grade 6

Reporter: John Bachman

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (WFLX) - Update, THU 2:45 PM: Most of the parents we spoke with seemed to understand the reality of what their kids are seeing and hearing. And most of them say they'd better be safe than sorry.

The name of the lesson is "Human Reproduction Grade 6".

You may have taken a health class in sixth grade. You may have even talked about human reproduction. But did you talk about ways to prevent-human reproduction?

Sixth graders are now part of a new sex-ed curriculum which includes lessons on condoms and birth control.

The lessons on birth control are being taught in classes across the Palm Beach County School District.

We went to one class class being taught at H.L. Watkins Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens. "I have a son here that's in sixth grade actually, and I wouldn't mind him learning about safe sex because of the diseases."

Before Wednesday, sixth graders were taught only about abstinence.

But many parents say if the students don't learn about sex in the classroom, they'll learn about it some place else, and they might get the wrong information. "They need to know at that age. The safety of everything, the prevention of everything. It's everywhere," says one parent.

Parents can have their kids opt out of the sex-ed class with a signed note.

Out of about 300 sixth graders at H.L. Watkins, the principal says only 10 or so have opted out of the new sex-ed lesson involving discussion of condoms.

Reporter: Stephanie Gailhard

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - Updated: Condom education in eighth grade classrooms: School leaders in St. Lucie County are approving a controversial sex ed video which is already running on the district's Web site.

Most eighth graders and high school students in St. Lucie County will now be watching a video which shows kids how to properly put on a condom.

As you can imagine, many parents are outraged the school board voted in favor of the video Tuesday night.

The video starts out a male and female doctor stressing abstinence. Then, some believe it goes too far when they demonstrate how to use a condom.

On top of that, there's a reminder condoms do not protect against pregnancy or STDs. St. Lucie County has the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in the state.

Five months ago, the school board approved the controversial sex ed curriculum after people complained the health program wasn't effective.

Parents can request that their children do not participate in this program.

Previously: This week, St. Lucie County school leaders vote on a controversial sex education video now airing on the district's Web site.

We showed you the video on Fox 29 two weeks ago. In it, experts show kids and how they can put on condoms among other thing.

This video would be viewed by eighth graders in the district.

On Tuesday, school board leaders will decide whether kids will see the condom lesson in the classroom.

The superintendent originally pulled that portion of the video from the original plan.

The vote will take place night at 6 p.m. Tuesday.